It's OKAY to be NOT OKAY

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It's OKAY to be NOT OKAY

sometimes, i am person who can control my mind so well.
but sometimes, i cant control my heart.
while my mind tell me to be strong now,
i realize, i can't to be strong anytime.

it's hurt, it's so hurt.
she hurts me, so much.
Did you realize?
Did you know that i am the only one hurt ?

i need a decision, i need a reason.
i need more than statement that i am the one who always on your mind.
who always you strive for.
who always you looking at.

i do that. i guarantee it. can you???
make sure that i am not fight for this alone. can you?

i feel bad, i feel so bad on my daily activity.
i recover my self, i setting my self to be okay.
i remind my self to be okay.
i want to be okay,

i realize that feeling confused is normal part of what it is to be human being.
okay, i am a human,

we all have our struggles,

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