You are the best, GOD, thank you

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You are the best, GOD, thank you

For everything i have, thank you GOD
For giving me my super parent as the most beautiful gift, i said thank you.
For giving me a quality time with my family and look at their smile, oh thank you.
For giving me a more time to life in this hard world, thank you.
For giving me some opportunity to work harder and harder,  so thanksfull..
For giving me some idea to develop my mind, thanks,
For giving me some friends who always accompany and complete my story of life, thank you and thank you.
"I won't said anything except thank you
I won't ask anything, i won't complain anything.."
Ketika beberapa orang mencoba menyakiti kita, Tuhan akan selalu menyembuhkan dengan caranya..

Ketika mereka selalu menghina kita, Tuhan akan selalu tau bagaimana membesarkan hati kita..

Ketika selalu ada yang ingin menghakimi kita, Tuhan akan selalu membenarkan yang seharusnya benar,

The strength of GOD.
ALLOH is all about it.

And i believe in GOD. God planning the best
-salam santai-
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