My Office (since oct'11 - now)

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My Office (since oct'11 - now)

This is a place i visited every monday-friday. yeaaayy i got free day at saturday and sunday. so i can relax my body at that day.

I started work at PT. SAVORY since oktober 2011 until now. I enjoyed here. This is not a manufature but distributor of CERES-DELFI chocholate product for East Java area. I'm here as accounting receivable. and i was handling 6 office branch. They are Bali, Jember, Kediri, Madiun, Malang, and Probolinggo. Actually i really comfort to wotk here. This place is really real better than my office before (in all side). All partners is good. My bos in acounting is so profesional and i can take many thing from them. Experience and knowledge (espessially accounting knowledge).

This is some of my office pic.
I took it today when i am working at overtime work. my office is empty. hahahha..

accounting's room from front side
accounting's room from behind side

head of accounting's room 
>> IT 's room
masters of computer program's room
>> FINANCE 's room

>> MEETING  's room (temorary)

 >>  OPERATOR 's room

>> other side

>> view's outside from my office

And this is my work's table. my lovely place. ^^ i am doing all my jobs here.. ^^

my lovely table^^


see u at next post... ^^

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